Our business focuses on the realisation of feminine and masculine outerwear. Prima Linea supervises the majority of procedures that come in succession during the creation of these complex clothing. Thanks to our experience we offer consultations, and furthermore we are dedicated not only to the confection but also to the cut, the handmade manufacture, the ironing and the final trial.
Prima Linea’s Team, with us since many years, is highly qualified and boasts a wide and heterogeneous stock of knowledge. This leads us to rapidly and efficiently overcome authentic challenges, in order to satisfy all the client’s exigences.
The Prima Linea’s Products include the seasonal production, the sampling, the fascinating research offered by the prototyping and the realisation of unique outerwear. Everything is strictly Made in Italy, because we are extremely certain that Italy and Italians are able to be competitive in the international market thanks to a high quality product, with a special eye on craftsmanship - the secret to elevate it to the vertexes of competitiveness.

“Measure is fundamental, precision starts from it”

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Rita Facchin

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