A work of art, a musician’s score, a letter, a travel... everything starts with a line. In our case the origin lays in the line that constructs the aesthetics, the wearability and the particular touch that a stylist is willing to lend to his creations, in order to let make them instantly recognisable. Prima Linea is making itself deistinguishable with the production of the most important and characteristic items of clothing of a Maison. These items will have the task of representing the Maison all over the world. For these reasons the owner Angela Campiello chose this name for the firm: to better express both a personal ambition and a more poetic aspect that gives shape to this work.


The use of yarns and refined accessories, the natural inclination towards craftsmanship and the careful employment of professional instruments are all part of Prima Linea's thirty-year daily routine, a routine comprised of innovation and experimentation.
Since its beginning in the 1980s, Prima Linea has been characterised by the production of sportswear but mostly outerwears, coats, jackets - padded in all its shapes.
In the family-run firm, Antonio Cappellaro responsible for the handmade cut, deals also with the administration and the relations with our partners and colaborators brands and firms.
Last but not least we should mention our loyal personnel, currently composed by fifteen women, some of which has been with us since the beginning of our work in this sector.

Not only a sartorial work, but a life full of passion: a Team, a Family.

via Pio La Torre 52 - 36043 CAMISANO VICENTINO (VI)
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